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As a leading supplier to the weight loss and sports fitness industries, the goal we consistently met was to raise the bar on high levels of active ingredients and aggressive nutrition specifications in products which also led the market in taste. We have worked in a large range of product formats and benefit targets, including:




Protein (dairy and soy), weight loss, sports fitness, meal replacement, energy and benefit specific beverages in a wide variety of shelf stable, RTD packaging formats (both high acid and low acid).




Meal, snack and protein bars spanning a wide range of formats and channels, including protein bars (layered, enrobed, composite, etc.), cereal and granola bars (composite, slab cut), baked bars (including baked and filled), nut and seed bars, and raw bars (fruit based).


Functional Foods and Snacks:


Sauces, dressings, marinades and condiments driven by over 20 claim areas (salt free, fat free, gluten free, dairy free). Baked Goods and snacks (protein and fiber fortified, benefit specific such as omega-3 fortified, etc.). Botanicals (herbal extracts, tinctures, shots for a variety of benefits).

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Additional Capabilities

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